What Can You Do With A Political Science Degree?

A political science degree provides a strong education foundation for jobs in the public or private sector. Graduates go on to work in government, law, political consulting, lobbying, and even journalism. Those who are most passionate about a cause work for interest groups and may do social interest lobbying. Whatever the desire, there is a related career within this very popular and important field.Students studying political science can go on to work for their local or state government or may opt to move to Washington, D.C., to begin their careers. They can find federal jobs with specific agencies or branches that allow them to combine their love of another subject with political science. For example, jobs in the judicial branch of the government blend political related subjects with legal aspects.Many jobs within this sector are difficult to obtain, especially at a federal government level. Fortunately, there are ample opportunities for students to secure internships throughout their course of study. The Student Educational Employment Program and the Presidential Management Fellows Program offered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management are just two opportunities that exist on a federal level. Students will also find volunteer opportunities available from non-profit organizations or with political campaigns.Political science majors graduates often choose to attend law school and pursue various careers within and outside of the legal profession. A surprising number of students opt for careers in business, working in personnel, public relations, banking, finance, advertising, or marketing. They secure research or management positions or may serve as a governmental liaison. Corporations like social science majors because these students tend to have excellent communication and analysis skills and a diverse liberal arts background that enables them to perform multiple duties.Domestic interest groups and international organizations have become more prevalent since 1960. These entities need people to conduct research, perform management duties, and interact with private and public groups. A political science major student who is interested in working for an international organization should consider studying at least one foreign language. Students interested employment with a group that focuses on a certain topic should consider minoring in that subject.Individuals with a political science degree also choose to work in communications such as newspapers, radio, or television. A local TV or radio station or newspaper may have internship opportunities or paid entry-level positions. After getting some experience under their belt, individuals may choose to return to school for an advance degree.