Middle School Science Fair Projects

Who said Science fair projects are boring and a chore? With a little bit of imagination you can come up with a winning science fair topic that will not only be interesting but one that you will enjoy doing.Yes, a middle school science fair project can be a really exciting time for all middle school children. Having fun working on a science fair project while learning different aspects of scientific spectrum is a great and fun way to teach all children and students that the sciences are, contrary to popular belief not a boring chore but can be a lot of fun, which is something far too many schools seem to neglect telling pupils these days.Below is a fun and interesting middle school science fair project. This example is intended to give you an idea on how to help your child with his or her science fair project. The example is merely a blue print which can easily be built upon,Four Eyes? Oh Please!Everyone knows someone who wears glasses. All you need for this science project is a friend or two who wear glasses. Then before the fair, a poster board could be made with a picture of the eye, the different parts (Retina, cornea, etc) labeled, and a brief description on how we see things.Take a pair of your friend’s glasses and hold them at arms length, does what you’re looking at look smaller? Or does it look Larger? If the view looks smaller, it means your friend is nearsighted also referred to as short sighted. They can see things that are close to them, but may not be able to see things that are far away, this would be a likely indication that their eyeballs may be too long. On the other hand if the view that they see is big, or even upside down, then they are farsighted also known as long sighted. In other words they can see things that are far away, but not when things are closer up to them, the probable of this is that their eye ball is too short.Advice to ParentsHave your child to do some research on the eye itself, for example they could find out why it is that some people need glasses? And in what way do glasses help? The local library should have plenty of information geared up for middle school students that would help.Let Them Create Their Own IdeasOf course, you could read dozens of different science fair projects, but none would be as fun or as personal as you and your child working together to come up with some ideas, you may even be surprised at the ideas that your child can come up with. When thinking of ideas you could take into consideration his or her likes and dislikes, and imagine how such a project could be fun and exciting, as well as educational.I’m sure that when you and your child sit down and really think about it, the two of you could come up with a topic that blows everything else out of the water.Remember that this is your child’s science fair project, not yours, and he or she needs to complete it. Not you, so left him or her take the lead.

Computer Science Degrees – To Do or Not To Do

If you’ve been trying to decide whether or not a computer science degree is worth investing your time, money, and effort into, here’s some food for thought:According to the Computing Research Association, the number of new students in computer science programs continues to increase every year. A survey conducted by the association revealed that the total enrollments in CS departments across the country rose by 10 percent from 2009 to 2010*. What’s even more heartening is the news that this is the third consecutive year that total enrollments in computer science departments have increased-a far cry from the decline that the post-dot com era was witness to!Does this indicate that the honeymoon between IT giants and popular offshoring destinations is over? The answer, quite simply, is no. But the trend does signify the revival of interest in computer science and other information technology programs amongst American teens, and more importantly, it also indicates that there is a demand for home-bred IT professionals in the country.The computer science field, where the only constant is the constant evolution of technologies, requires talent to drive innovation of the kind that people like Steve Jobs achieved and inspired. And that kind of innovation can only come from the kind of deep technical skills that can only be developed with a solid academic background.Benefits of Computer Science DegreesIf you’re still sitting on the fence as far as getting a computer science degree is concerned, maybe what will help you hop over is the knowledge that there are several advantages to entering a computer science program.To start with, a computer science degree can open up a world of exciting career opportunities for graduates. Whether it’s programming or network administration, game development or mobile technologies, information security or tech support-the career possibilities for a CS graduate can be wider than you might imagine.The degree also ranks amongst the top-paying undergraduate programs in the country. According to the 2011-12 salary report published by payscale.com, computer science graduates can begin their careers with an average starting salary of $56,600. By the time they reach mid-career, their salary may be close to a hundred thousand dollars**. But no one will pay you that much if the skills you bring to your job position are not valuable to an organization looking to grow.Additionally, those who graduate with computer science degrees may find it easier to pursue opportunities to move into managerial and leadership roles. It may not be hard to find an IT job with just a certificate, but the kind of problem-solving, communication, and strategic thinking skills that are expected of tech leaders can only be developed through a sound IT education.And finally, the mind-boggling growth of social media and mobile applications has created very interesting work opportunities for IT professionals, working for companies of all shapes and sizes that are interested in pursuing the avenues social media and mobile computing can open up for businesses.IT’s Business As UsualGone are the days when the professional world was divided into geeks and non-geeks. The geeks were people who lived in their own zone, seldom mixed with the “others,” and spoke in a language that was beyond the comprehension of ordinary minds.In today’s business environment, there’s a seamless integration of technical and non-technical departments of an organization, and IT guys are an important part of the corporate team. They are expected to be business savvy, effective communicators, and customer-oriented in their outlook. Most of all, they are expected to be involved team players and demonstrate the ability to collaborate with others at various levels. A solid, well-rounded education that a degree program can provide can help you develop those strengths.Source:* cra.org/resources/crn-archive-view-detail/undergraduate_cs_degree_production_rises_doctoral_production_steady/** payscale.com/best-colleges/degrees.asp

Appreciating Quality Educational Toys

As most people would say, “quality is better than quantity”. In my opinion, a thousand toys are useless if they are no good at all. It doesn’t really matter whether you’ve got a room full of toys. What really matters is if these toys can help you and your child or if they are of high quality.What I mean by quality is that the toys are educational and fun-filled. Let’s say you were to give many toys to your little girl or boy, but the toys would not help them in a useful way; your child most probably won’t be able to enjoy them and use them for their learning.Examples of quality educational toys are toys that connect to science and discovery. These toys are very functional and enjoyable for children with the ambition to be a scientist, geologist, chemist and other science related professions.A very wide variety of toys are in store for these children to explore the world around them and widen their knowledge. Toys like binoculars, animal kits, archeology and astronomy tools and play kits, robotic kits, advanced books about science and a lot more.Animals have this extraordinary charm on most children. They might have the same effect on your child. Toys like habitats and animal play sets will make your kid happy for hours. Three examples of entertaining toys are the reptile habitats, the creature keeper used to trap insects and bugs and the foam great white sharks.Being astronomers in the future is also famous among children. For them, anything that has to do with stars, galaxies, moons, planets and the universe are great quality toys. Space mission play sets, handy star navigators, quality telescopes and binoculars, glow in the dark stars and solar systems and rockets are some quality educational toys you can provide your child to have fun and discover with.Aspiring geographers will definitely love and find out a whole lot from the globe. The globe may seem boring, but they actually provide knowledge and also fun. Plus, globes today have wider varieties of designs for you to choose from. Some globes have embossed land formations that the children can touch.Others are electronic and have built in geographical facts, world clock times and trivia that would help your children learn and discover the world.Besides globes, electronic interactive books provide excellent and fun learning for your little ones. These books have maps that talk and say different names of capitals and states. And, of course, the very popular puzzles are helpful to your little geographer wannabes. They come in different fun shapes, designs and sizes.One of the top quality learning aids for aspiring physicists and chemists is the snap circuit kits. These kits help your child in conducting experiments and making projects like radios, light bulb set ups and much more.Water wizardry kits that can be used by children to create rainbows, gels and snow in a test tube with only some water also enhances your child’s abilities.Children will definitely learn a lot from quality educational toys like those toys that teach science and encourage discovery. These quality toys are absolutely worth the price.